’57 Chevy Hellspawn Photo Shoot

Posted by hitek on June 21, 2010

Just want to share some cool pics of the ’57 Chevy from our photoshoot at the shop.  Thanks to Niche Productions for the photography work and our model.

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HiTek’s Hellspawn ’57 Chevy

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Detroit AutoRama 2010


Detroit Autorama


350/350 GM Crate motor

Converted to side motor mounts and trans cross member

Flowmaster H pipe exhaust

Be Cool Aluminum radiator mounted in front of core support

16” Electric Spal Fan

500 Lift cam performer air gap

HP series carb

MDS ignition

March pulley system


Tremec TKO600 5-Speed Manual


Rubber Seal Single Stage Hitek Red

Rubber Seal’s Hotrod Medallion Black


Boze Alloy Wheels 19×8 & 22×10 ZE Friction Satin Finish

BF Goodrich


Wilwood brakes front & rear 12” with four piston calipers



Frame Off

Welded and smoothed stock frame

Stainless steel fuel and brake lines


Mini tubbed

Hotchkins front sway bar

Added torsion style sway bar to rear

Front coil springs & rear leaf springs

Relocated rear leaf springs

KYB shocks

9” Ford Rearend, Richmond Gear


Custom Black Chrysler leather Interior with cloth headliner

American Autowire retro ’57 wiring harness

Flaming River Steering Wheel

Ididit Steering Column

Hurst Shifter

Lokar Ebrake Cable


Cut down racing bucket seats

Shaved and filled dashboard

Custom Torpedo Console

Panasonic & JL Audio stereo system with IPod ready

Autometer gauges

SPW power windows

’63 Corvette Interior Door Handles Keyless entry w/hidden emergency access

Vintage heat and air

Xtreme Dynamat

Welded front bumper together

Installed driving lights in place of rubber bumper bullets

Deleted wing windows (custom cut smoked glass)

Deleted window trim

Lizard skinned floor

Fully shaved body – door handles, deck lid, hood, rocker trim, louvers out of front fenders, shaved all window stainless

Dechromed left over trim and bumpers

Used ’55 Chevy 150 Front and Rear window rubbers

The 2nd Annual Car SHow Benefitting The Arthritis Foundation

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Hitek Featured In Dayton Daily News

Posted by hitek on August 14, 2009

Dr. Marc Trzeciak

DAYTON — When you want a job performed well, sometimes you need to do it yourself.

Ask Marc Trzeciak, a local hand surgeon — and something else besides.

Trzeciak found himself established in a practice in the Columbus area when he wanted to have his 1967 Chevrolet II Nova beefed up.

He knew enough about cars to know that the shop he approached for the job sought to overcharge him.

“They knew that they had a lot of people (customers) who had open wallets,” Trzeciak said. “I think if they thought about your car in the middle of the night, they charged you.”

This perturbed Trzeciak enough to consider opening his own restoration business, which he did first in Lowell, Ind., in 2004, then in Dayton in May 2006.

READ MORE: http://www.daytondailynews.com/business/hand-surgeon-opens-hot-rod-shop-on-the-side-241150.html

Pictures @ http://projects.daytondailynews.com/galleries/News/Business/hitekhotrod/

Hitek Cruise’N Gets Big Turn Out

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Lt to Rt Robin with Marc and Miriam Trzeciak

Yankee Medical Center’s parking lot was filled with hot rods, muscle cars and classics July 26, and all for a good cause. It was the first HiTek Hot Rods Cruise’N for Arthritis.

“Arthritis doesn’t just affect older people anymore,” show organizer Miriam Trzeciak said. “We need to get the word out so people are informed, and this is a great way to do it.”

Trzeciak has a solid connection to both the cars and arthritis.

READ MORE: HiTek Hot Rods Cruise’N for Arthritis

Photos @ Photos: Cruise’N for Arthritis

First Annual Cruise’n For Arthritis

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Hot Rod Reunion: June 19th to June 21st

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This year’s Hot Rod Reunion was my first in Bowling Green. I went to the one in Columbus when it moved to National Trail Raceway Park. I do think the track in Bowling Green is a lot cooler from a nostalgic point-of-view. You sit about 20 feet from the track. It’s very old school—the bleachers are covered overhead by corrugated steel so you’re out of the sun, making for an enjoyable racing experience.

I caught up with Top Fuel drag racer and friend, Pat Dakin, for the Hot Rod Hall of Fame ceremony. I was privileged to meet some of the legends of the sport and enjoyed listening to all the old stories as were told “around the table” that evening.

The quality of the racecars was superb—seeing (and feeling) the nitro-burning sling shot dragsters was cool as hell. The overall atmosphere was wonderful and I felt like I traveled back in time. The only downside to the whole event is actually getting there. There is simply just a one-lane road going in, and one lane coming out. And if by chance you are not there early—forget it (traffic jam) especially on Saturday.

I did just one burn out the entire weekend and almost lost it. I think I rolled though some water and got sideways in a hurry. I corrected her and managed to get away unharmed—except for my bruised ego. I can still taste the egg on my face.

Overall, I think the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green is a cool event. I recommend getting to the track early so you don’t have to sit in traffic. However, once there, enjoy all the nostalgic drag racing, the smells of the race gas, alcohol and nitro and remember a simpler time without catalytic converters and $3 per gallon gas.

~ Marc “Doc” Trzeciak


Click Here to see the video from: 2009 Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion – Saturday

Hot Rod Reunion: June 19th to June 21st – Gallery

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Good Guys – Hot Rod of the Year: June 12th to June 14th

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photo copywrite by KIRK! Old School HAMBer

What can I say? The Hot Rod of the Year (HROY) competition was a blast! This is my second time competing in this event. If you are not familiar with HROY—it’s a separate trophy given by the Good Guys Organization at the Indianapolis Good Guys event. It’s for pre ‘48 cars that epitomize hot rods. As they say in their brochure, “No creampuffs allowed.” This year’s event was the largest it’s ever been; I think there were 40 some cars out there. Out of that, they pick the top five, and from those five they pick the winner.

The judging criterion involves a series of events. The first consists of driving the car to the Indianapolis 500 and doing a lap around the track. Then you have to drive up to and back from “A Summer’s Place” (approx. 100 miles round trip). If you’ve never been there – it’s a fifties vintage town that a gentleman has built in his back yard. It’s like a time capsule, you eat in a fifties era diner, his children serve you wearing poodle skirts (only his daughters of course), you get a nice hamburger, french-fries and a cherry coke along with a banana split for desert. He has an old barber shop, gas pumps, an old gas station, as well as a movie theatre and tons of fifties era memorabilia. This also gives participants a chance to socialize, which makes for a nice stop on the tour.

From there you drive back to the O’Riley Motor Speedway and line up for an 1/8th mile drag race. The drag racing is my favorite part of the event. If there weren’t drag racing I probably wouldn’t compete. This year, the gentleman from California, with the black roadster and 427 small block, set the low ET.

The next day, you have to show up at the north end of the track and there’s a show and shine event. From there, they pick the top five and then announce the winner Saturday night at the Adams Mark Hotel. Like any event, based on subjectivity, some people are going to be happy and some people are not.

Overall, I had a great time. Everybody enjoyed the event, people were relaxed, and it was just a good group to be around. My brother came down from Northern Michigan and we ran the event together, leaving us with lasting memories. The people, conversation, and mojitos were all enjoyable and will be remembered.

So if your pre ’48 car epitomizes the Hot Rod ideal, I would encourage you to enter and enjoy the HROY competition.

P.S – Hitek Hot Rods will be holding a reunion for everybody that participated in the 2009 Hot Rod of the Year competition. Please visit our booth at the Good Guys event in Columbus Ohio for time and location. ~ Marc “Doc” Trzeciak


Click Here to see the PHOTOS: INDY – Hot Rod OF THE YEAR – DRAGS – Modem BUSTER!!!!! Tons Of PICS!!!


photo copywrite by KIRK! Old School HAMBer

Mecum Auction: May 14th 2009

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I attended the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis, with my daughter Becky. We had two cars going across the block. One was a ’63 Ford 300 super-stock clone, and the other one was my 1969 Chevelle SS L78 car. The Chevelle is a survivor car with the original paint, motor, interior etc; that has a protecto plate and two build sheets. The Ford sold, however the Chevelle did not meet the reserve.

The thing I like about the Mecum Auction is you do set a reserve. So, as a person sending the car across the block, it gives you a little more piece of mind. Barrett Jackson, while it has a lot of hype and excitement, does cause the seller to have a tight sphincter because it’s a no reserve auction—the car is selling no matter what the price. That can be somewhat unnerving, especially if you get less than expected for the car.

The other thing I like about the Mecum Auction is the fact that they sell memorabilia. We did pick up both a vintage Sunoco neon sign and a vintage gas pump. Becky was really the driving force behind the gas pump. When she saw it go across the block, she asked if we could bid on it—at that time the prices were still low. But as the heavy hitters moved in, the prices of the signs rose astronomically. We got our two items before the prices went out of sight.

Overall I enjoyed the Mecum Auction; I thought the quality of the cars were very good. I had a great time and I know Becky did too. The reserve is a nice thing as far as the seller is concerned. The atmosphere is circus-like; fun, lively, and makes for an enjoyable experience.

~Marc “Doc” Trzeciak