Hot Rod Reunion: June 19th to June 21st

Posted by admin on June 22, 2009

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This year’s Hot Rod Reunion was my first in Bowling Green. I went to the one in Columbus when it moved to National Trail Raceway Park. I do think the track in Bowling Green is a lot cooler from a nostalgic point-of-view. You sit about 20 feet from the track. It’s very old school—the bleachers are covered overhead by corrugated steel so you’re out of the sun, making for an enjoyable racing experience.

I caught up with Top Fuel drag racer and friend, Pat Dakin, for the Hot Rod Hall of Fame ceremony. I was privileged to meet some of the legends of the sport and enjoyed listening to all the old stories as were told “around the table” that evening.

The quality of the racecars was superb—seeing (and feeling) the nitro-burning sling shot dragsters was cool as hell. The overall atmosphere was wonderful and I felt like I traveled back in time. The only downside to the whole event is actually getting there. There is simply just a one-lane road going in, and one lane coming out. And if by chance you are not there early—forget it (traffic jam) especially on Saturday.

I did just one burn out the entire weekend and almost lost it. I think I rolled though some water and got sideways in a hurry. I corrected her and managed to get away unharmed—except for my bruised ego. I can still taste the egg on my face.

Overall, I think the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green is a cool event. I recommend getting to the track early so you don’t have to sit in traffic. However, once there, enjoy all the nostalgic drag racing, the smells of the race gas, alcohol and nitro and remember a simpler time without catalytic converters and $3 per gallon gas.

~ Marc “Doc” Trzeciak


Click Here to see the video from: 2009 Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion – Saturday

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