Mecum Auction: May 14th 2009

Posted by admin on May 15, 2009

I attended the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis, with my daughter Becky. We had two cars going across the block. One was a ’63 Ford 300 super-stock clone, and the other one was my 1969 Chevelle SS L78 car. The Chevelle is a survivor car with the original paint, motor, interior etc; that has a protecto plate and two build sheets. The Ford sold, however the Chevelle did not meet the reserve.

The thing I like about the Mecum Auction is you do set a reserve. So, as a person sending the car across the block, it gives you a little more piece of mind. Barrett Jackson, while it has a lot of hype and excitement, does cause the seller to have a tight sphincter because it’s a no reserve auction—the car is selling no matter what the price. That can be somewhat unnerving, especially if you get less than expected for the car.

The other thing I like about the Mecum Auction is the fact that they sell memorabilia. We did pick up both a vintage Sunoco neon sign and a vintage gas pump. Becky was really the driving force behind the gas pump. When she saw it go across the block, she asked if we could bid on it—at that time the prices were still low. But as the heavy hitters moved in, the prices of the signs rose astronomically. We got our two items before the prices went out of sight.

Overall I enjoyed the Mecum Auction; I thought the quality of the cars were very good. I had a great time and I know Becky did too. The reserve is a nice thing as far as the seller is concerned. The atmosphere is circus-like; fun, lively, and makes for an enjoyable experience.

~Marc “Doc” Trzeciak

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