Good Guys – Hot Rod of the Year: June 12th to June 14th

Posted by admin on June 15, 2009


photo copywrite by KIRK! Old School HAMBer

What can I say? The Hot Rod of the Year (HROY) competition was a blast! This is my second time competing in this event. If you are not familiar with HROY—it’s a separate trophy given by the Good Guys Organization at the Indianapolis Good Guys event. It’s for pre ‘48 cars that epitomize hot rods. As they say in their brochure, “No creampuffs allowed.” This year’s event was the largest it’s ever been; I think there were 40 some cars out there. Out of that, they pick the top five, and from those five they pick the winner.

The judging criterion involves a series of events. The first consists of driving the car to the Indianapolis 500 and doing a lap around the track. Then you have to drive up to and back from “A Summer’s Place” (approx. 100 miles round trip). If you’ve never been there – it’s a fifties vintage town that a gentleman has built in his back yard. It’s like a time capsule, you eat in a fifties era diner, his children serve you wearing poodle skirts (only his daughters of course), you get a nice hamburger, french-fries and a cherry coke along with a banana split for desert. He has an old barber shop, gas pumps, an old gas station, as well as a movie theatre and tons of fifties era memorabilia. This also gives participants a chance to socialize, which makes for a nice stop on the tour.

From there you drive back to the O’Riley Motor Speedway and line up for an 1/8th mile drag race. The drag racing is my favorite part of the event. If there weren’t drag racing I probably wouldn’t compete. This year, the gentleman from California, with the black roadster and 427 small block, set the low ET.

The next day, you have to show up at the north end of the track and there’s a show and shine event. From there, they pick the top five and then announce the winner Saturday night at the Adams Mark Hotel. Like any event, based on subjectivity, some people are going to be happy and some people are not.

Overall, I had a great time. Everybody enjoyed the event, people were relaxed, and it was just a good group to be around. My brother came down from Northern Michigan and we ran the event together, leaving us with lasting memories. The people, conversation, and mojitos were all enjoyable and will be remembered.

So if your pre ’48 car epitomizes the Hot Rod ideal, I would encourage you to enter and enjoy the HROY competition.

P.S – Hitek Hot Rods will be holding a reunion for everybody that participated in the 2009 Hot Rod of the Year competition. Please visit our booth at the Good Guys event in Columbus Ohio for time and location. ~ Marc “Doc” Trzeciak


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photo copywrite by KIRK! Old School HAMBer